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Crack the CMAT

September 01, 2012

Be the ‘Epitomic One’ this year and bag admission in one of the top institutes. Jasmine Chabria reveals the treasured tricks of how to obtain the highest score in CMAT-2012

As the name claims ‘Common Management Admission Test’; there’s nothing ‘Commonly Simple’ for the aspiring candidates this year. AICTE launched CMAT to mitigate the burden on students attending multiple exams. But have your stresses actually reduced? We observe that the sweat trickling down your brow is elevating with this competitive computer-based test commencing on the 27th of September, 2012. With approximately 4 lakh young, talented brains from India as well as abroad taking it, and solely 1.6 lakh seats available; the stress and jargon escalates. We bring you creative ways to crack this CMAT, imbibing smart study, organisation and recreation to prevent your not required unrequited stress from taking over you on D-day.
The first element creating a massive burden is a long search about commencement dates, forms, abodes to obtain the same and so on. As said by leading, successful personalities ‘Placing files in place is work half done.’ Organisation is the premier step to success. Every exam needs to have a zygote stage, wherein the student needs to run from pillar to post to fill forms, click stamp-size photos and keep a track of dates and fees by making infinite phone calls. The result- time and energy drain; diversion from studying. We help you save your main resources-time and energy. The table gives you all the significant dates that you need to know. It’s all under one roof. Use good internet connectivity to register online. Avoid connection breakdowns.
Registration is solely the commencement of a host of unsaid and unrevealed tasks. If you have organised and executed a way to get these ‘tasks’ in place, you’re on your way to obtain maximum study time. Tasks that you need to prepare and keep ready-

• You need to upload your scanned photo done on a white background while registering. The size of this photo should be 140 x 160 (60Kb).
• You need to upload your scanned, true signature done on a white background while registering. The size of this signature file should be 60 x 90 (30Kb).
• A valid mobile number (even if you frequently change numbers to irritate girls) as all information will be sent to you on your sole registered number.

Money Intact!
Monetary issues for youngsters always count. This booming year the fee is same as it was in Feb 2012. For General/OBC, it’s `1200 + bank charges as applicable, and for SC/ST/PD it amounts to `600 + bank charges as applicable. The mode of payment is net banking / credit / debit card on your frequently visited website (www.aicte-cmat.in) these days. Don’t fret if you don’t own those glossy cards. You could deposit the cash in any State Bank of India branch.

Smart Study is for Winners
It’s not viable for the human mind to place all the text found in the textbooks in their brain cells. You need to incorporate smartness. The people on top are big smartys even if they pretend to be fools. You must know how many marks are dedicated to every question in each of your four ‘admission-deciding’ sections- quantitative techniques and data interpretation, logical reasoning, language comprehension and general awareness. Just like football, here too you are bound to a penalty. 1 mark would be deducted from your kitty for a wrong answer, however a correct answer gives you 4 marks. Attempt the simple and easy-to-go questions first. Revise before proceeding to learn new material.

‘Can’t Find Sample Papers?
The next question you fret about is- ‘I can’t find the sample papers?’ Relax and take a deep breath. CMAT is a new test just out of the oven, much sample material is not available online or in the market. But there’s always a hidden secret. The MAT and CAT have similar sections. You need to use and refer to the same sample material. You will find the MAT sample papers on MingleBox.com. If you prefer the feel of a book, you can purchase CMAT prep books in any bookstore all over India, or order them from Flipkart availing a 25 per cent discount (No, Flipkart doesn’t pay us to say this). We believe in aiding young minds to reach their dream. Some good books are ‘Mission MBA’ by Goyal ,‘CMAT’ by Khurana.‘Quantitative and Logical reasoning’ by G.K. Publishers is a favourite of students.

Often-Neglected Supports for Becoming the ‘Topper Idol’
Ignoring a peaceful and restful sleep of 7 hours daily would mitigate your concentration levels. Psychological Theory of Consolidation has shown that sleep post studying helps consolidate the learned material in long-term memory aiding retrieval. Your problem of ‘forgetting’ on D-Day is mainly a non-retrieval issue. Eating a balanced diet along with drinking plenty of water is your support in turning you into a ‘topper idol’. Invest time for walks.
These exquisite tips are sure to aid you bag admission and turn you into an elite and successful management professional- the ‘Epitomic One’!


  • Last Date for Online Registration 02.09.2012
  • On website www.aicte-cmat.in
  • Print out of Hall ticket
    From 15.09.2012
  • Computer based test dates
    27.09.2012 to 01.10.2012
  • Test Timings
    9.30 am – 12.30 pm,
    2.30 pm – 5.30 pm
  • Declaration of result:
  • Print out of Score Cards
    From 17.10.2012 to 17.11.2012
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    You acquire admission in a top institute!
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  • Minal

    Hi there, could u plz let me know a list good publishers to refer while preparing for cmat,as i’m going for self study i’m looking out to direct my efforts intelligently,Regards Min@l