3 Pillar Global launches ‘Project Shakti’ in collaboration with Ekja Foundation

Project Shakti

To provide underprivileged women through Israeli military self-defence training, “Krav Maga”, to combat with the rising number of crimes against women in Delhi-NCR.

In the wake of rising crimes against women in Delhi-NCR, 3Pillar Global in association with a NGO, Ekjaa Foundation, launched a six-month self-defence training program, Project Shakti, for underprivileged women through Krav Maga.
A part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives undertaken by 3Pillar Global, Project Shakti was launched at Maharaja Agrasen High School in Sector 62, Noida. 120 young girls participated in the initial phase and they will undergo a six-month self-defence training. Krav Maga is a military class self-defence and fighting system developed for Israeli security forces that consists of a combination of techniques sourced from aikido, boxing, wrestling, judo, and karate, along with realistic fight training.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Jonathan Rivers, Chief Technology Officer of 3Pillar Global, said, “We are proud to associate with Ekjaa Foundation and launch Project Shakti. This novel initiative will help empower women by teaching them how to defend themselves physically in unpleasant situations.”

He added that the six-month self-defence training will include techniques, moves, and insights into Krav Maga. “As part of the company’s CSR initiatives, Project Shakti is aimed at helping women gain self-esteem, develop confidence, and bolster their ability to safeguard themselves in potentially dangerous environments,” Mr Rivers said.
Launching the need-of-the-hour initiative, Ms. Harsha Mukherjee, Founder of Ekjaa Foundation said, “Self-defence education should be a mandatory curriculum for girls from the secondary section not only to empower women financially but also physically to defend themselves. We would like to spread the wings of Project Shakti across the country, considering the rising crimes against women.”

“Under Project Shakti, the participants would be made aware of possible threats to them in their day-to-day situations, along with situational analysis and suggested precautions,” Ms Mukherjee added.

“Our company culture is based on giving back to the communities in which we live and work, and contribute through various CSR initiatives. We are committed to the cause of providing self-defence training to those in need and look forward to initiatives that make our society a safe place for women,” said Mr. Govind Negi, Director of Talent Engagement at 3Pillar Global, Noida.


According to a data compiled by Ekjaa Foundation, the proportion of unsolved cases of crimes against women in India increased from 72.78% in 2015 to 73.29% in 2016. It is evident that the understaffing and multiplicity of tasks in the police force are compromising the investigation and, in turn, affecting conviction. Lack of women self-defence training and education on the subject are some of the other major causes. Project Shakti aims to tackle this problem by working on the grassroots and imparting education and self-defence training to women, particularly in rural areas.

“The participants would be given tips to handle tricky situations besides the physical training. Making them mentally strong is as important as imparting self-defence training, if not more. They would also be told to share the knowledge with their friends, neighbours and family members,” Ms Manorama Dhami, Director of Operations at 3Pillar Global, concluded.

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