Freelancing v/s Full-Time: Weighing out the pros and cons

Freelancing v/s Full-Time: Weighing out the pros and cons

The options Sometimes on social media, I see people use the phrase “fun-employed”, and while I have never completely understood why people feel the need...
exam anxiety

How to curb exam anxiety (scientific methods and research and expert opinions)

Test anxiety can lead to depression for a significant period of time. Students need to unwind every now and then, while constantly focusing on...

Youth n Democracy Campaign To Reach Out To 1 Million Indian Youth By 2018

How do the youth of India experience democracy in their daily lives? PRIA’s (Participtory Research in Asia) Youth-n-Democracy Campaign (YnD) is crowd-sourcing answers to...

Cosmetology: Not Just Entertainment; Make A Serious Career Out Of It

With the improvisation of technology and the introduction of innovative new methods, cosmetology has become one of the most popular treatment routes which can...

A Career In Psychology

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate and graduate degrees in our country, and even around the globe. A psychologist should ideally have...

How To Make Money On Youtube

YouTube is the third largest search engine in the world with almost a billion users scattered all over. You can learn, share and implement...

9 Questions to Ask Yourself before Sending a Resume

Most people think that writing a resume is a piece of cake. Unaware of important details, they send a generic version of their professional...
Food Blogging

Experts Speak: How To Become A Successful Food Blogger

10 years ago from today, you might have been the proud owner of a cookery book. 10 years forward from that day, you can...

Starting Your First Startup – Challenges And Strategies

Often it takes a lot of courage, insight, and determination to start up your first venture. You are supposed to cross many hurdles, overcome...

Careers in Media and Entertainment

A career in the media and entertainment industry is an exciting one. It is full of incredible opportunities and is a career that will...

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