How You Can 10x Your Productivity This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming, and it’s not always the best time to feel productive. Not too many people will be working during this time,...
remote work

How remote work helps your work life balance

Having a stable and harmonized work life has always been a constant struggle for working professionals. This skirmish arises due to monotonous corporate pressure and...
money from home

8 Legit Ways To Earn Money From The Comfort Of Your Homes

Most earn from home money making schemes may be fraudulent, and may take away more money than they give. Sometimes though, there are many...

8 Essential Proofreading Tips for Job-Seeking Students

A resume is the first impression you’re going to make with a potential employer, which is why it’s vital that you get it right....
getting through weekdays

Are we living for the weekend?

Little ways to get over weekday blues Our life is mostly weeks with brief intervals of weekends. With two days of R&R for every five...
High Paying Jobs

10 Professions That Need You More Than You Think

Today finding a sustainable job is more difficult than finding a partner for yourself. Though there are abundant opportunities available, there are many queued...

How To Keep Clam With Boss At Work

Bosses are like mirrors, they reflect your behavior. But there are times when the light coming from an angle gets reflected somewhere else. Similarly,...

Freelance At A Glance

The era of depending on recruiters for job opportunities is long gone. Stepping ahead the yesteryears, the employers today only want you and your...

Career Change – It’s Really Not As Bad As It Seems

It was the first day of primary school, and my teacher asked everyone of us to tell her what we aspired to be. I...

Photography – A Perfect Career Choice

Do you have an inclination towards Photography? Love clicking pictures of places, people and things that comes your way? Perhaps you have worked with...

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