Happy Birthday! You’re 18! Congratulations You Can Vote Now!

It’s every citizen’s duty and responsibility to vote for our very own nation. We have various patriotic processions and campaigns but to no avail....

All You Need To Know About The GST

The GST Law is soon going to be implemented by the Government so all the youth out there put on your reading glasses to...
Obama Farewell speech

Highlights from President Obama’s nostalgic goodbye

President Obama’s eight years in the White House will be etched in history and the hearts of the people who love him so dearly....
Sushma Swaraj

How Sushma Swaraj Proved She’s The Best Politician On Twitter

Even though Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is hospitalized, awaiting a kidney transplant, she continues helping people from her hospital bed, especially on...

10 Times Jayalalitha Proved She Deserves To Be Called The Iron Lady

Jayalalitha started as an actress and became one of India’s most loved actors and soon went on to become one of the most loved...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Elected President Of The United States of America

The American elections 2016 gripped the world and had us glued to our screens following the counting. The results sent shock waves around the...
India Army

India v/s Pakistan- Not Just a Cricket Match Anymore

An account of the (not so) recent India-Pakistan feud Uri attack, the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades, was an attack...

ISIS Decoded

Out of all radical religious groups, the ISIS is one of the most feared adversaries the world has ever seen. From regular news broadcasts to...
Mehbooba Mufti – First Women Chief Minister of J&K

Mehbooba Mufti – First Women Chief Minister of J&K

Mehbooba Mufti from the Public Democratic Party took oath as the 13th Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. For around 3 months, the state...

JNU The Unintended Controversy

After an anguishing and contentious view of JNU, Akshit Chawla brings you a peaceful and buoyant perspective on it The Jawaharlal National University issue has been all over...

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