Setting Goals

What Do You Want? This is the million-dollar question. It is vital that you identify your goal, the experience that you intend to create. Without a...

Optimize Results With A Proper Warm-Up and Cool-Down

Warm Up It is important to have a sufficient warm up. Warm-ups serve to prevent injury, drastically improve the performance of the workout, and to...

11 Great Ways To Add Fun and Excitement To Your Fitness

One of the keys to success in anything, including fitness is to bring the right energy to the activity. One incredible way to increase...

Who Wants A Toned Body This Summer? Here Are Some Tips!!

Summer time is right around the corner and who doesn't want to have a nice muscular and toned body when attending parties, weddings, or...

When Food Is Too Yummy to Be Healthy

Human beings are migrating to the unhealthy side of living nowadays. There is an overwhelming majority of us who have realized it though and...

Road to Fitness

Forget running miles on the treadmill and hours on the elliptical. Sara Shah talks about five fitness training methods that are a lot more...

Depression: – The Do’s and Don’ts

The World Health Organization (WHO) has played an exceptional role in monitoring the global health indexes since its inception. It has organized many campaigns...

From Ayurveda with Love

Arjun Vaidya of Dr. Vaidya’s New Age Ayurveda talks to us about what it takes to make Ayurveda popular in the 21st century You have...

Holistic Healing

From spiritual enrichment to holistic healing, health resorts and spas are where you need to be, finds out Misbaah Mansuri Curative wellness is better than...
LIVitup – Hangover Shield

Bringing Ayurveda back

Live the night but still conquer the day with Dr Vaidya’s Hangover Shield and Herbofit Hangovers can be unnerving. Loads of water, pills, green tea...

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