Nail Arts

Nail Arts That Are Perfect For Every Occasion

There are many different ways to add flair and fun to your look. Nail art can complement your outfit for a special occasion or add a...

Glam Up At Affordable Rates!!

Looking for affordable make-up products which you can use on a daily basis? Here are few products under Rs. 850 which will work wonders for...

Floral Eyeliner : The New Trend

Needless to say that Instagram is where most of us turn to for serious makeup inspiration. We all know how it is such a...
Ear Make up

Bizarre Beauty Trends

Love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them! Adopt the three most bizarre beauty trends having a moment right now, without making...

Wing It Up

Patricia Merchant helps you draw that perfect wing with ease. The Winged Eye has become the top trend on how to style your eyeliner. The...

Look Spook-tacular

With these stunning hair and make-up tips, you are sure to slay this Halloween! On which other day can you join the kids and dress...

Soko Glam

When it comes to beauty, Korean beauty products are a game changer. Kesar Majethia talks about some of the most coveted products from this eccentric beauty industry. With...

Good Bye Black Heads!

Richa Sharma brings you home remedies that will make you wave goodbye to blackheads forever After the fearsome acne attack, blackheads are the most dreaded skin...
Synthetic Beauty - Divy Dhingra

Synthetic Beauty

Walk in to a fancy party and you will notice the charade displayed by people who look different almost unrecognizable with that temporary coating...

The Holiday Rule Book

The holidays are here and if you haven’t already been prepping, here’s your cheat sheet to help you get through 1 GET YOUR CARDIO GOING Your exercise...

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