20 year-old Ankit Kashyap gets a stylish international look after Sumit Malkotia, stylist and academy trainer at B-blunt, Delhi gives him a cool makeover. 1. Ankit’s hair is first...


20 year-old Priyanka Garg gets a soft appealing look after Sumit Malkotia, stylist and academy trainer at B-blunt, Delhi gives her a marvellous vibrant...


Prachi Jhadav gets a vibrant new look after Lekha Shah, senior stylist at The Cut Collective, works her makeover magic!   1. A combination of red...


Devanshu Row came in for a makeover looking to tame his wild curls. Senior stylist Lekha Shah of The Cut Collective, steps in and snips his hairstyling woes away!

Merlyn transforms her look at the Pappion Salon

Merlyn Bothello goes glam after she gets an all-new look by Agnes Chen of Pappion Salon & Wellness

Akshay Dalal gets a cool & hip look at The Pappion Salon

Akshay Dalal gets a fresh and fun look by Agnes Chen of Pappion Salon & Wellness


Marilyn Bothello goes chic and glam, courtesy of Hemant Naibagker of The Orange Tree Studio Marilyn Bothello “I Just love my new look. The hair colour is very natural...

Désirée Saldanha & Mazhar Khan go the funky route

Désirée Saldanha gets their funky looks at Jawed Habib by Fiza Malkani and Mazhar Khan at Asif -The Salon by Catherine Awungshi


Désirée Saldanha goes the funky route courtesy Fiza Malkani of Jawed Habib at Atria Mall, Worli DESIREE SALDANHA “I really love my new look! It's very different from my...

Rutika & Nikhil go funky

Rutika Yeolekar gets a plain-to-chic makeover by Nicole Serpis of Nalini - The Salon & Nikhil at Asif - The Salon

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