global warming

Global Warming: Now Is The Time For Action In Our Homes, Communities, And In...

I believe at this point in time most people are aware of climate change, as most of us have even witnessed climate change in...
tree falling

An Open letter to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

Dear BMC, Let me start by addressing the office of the BMC rather than the political party that is currently operating this office, because 25...

The Underbelly Of The Internet

Proceed with caution Last year I found myself at my local police station filling a complaint against an unknown person for credit card fraud. It...

Self Styled ‘Godmen’

The difference between finding a guiding light and holding onto a crutch There are multiple times in life when people need to have faith in...

Rape In India: How Many Articles/Movies/Candle Light Vigils Will It Take?

Against the background of a sensationalized rape case that every media outlet in the nation is tracking, once again we are reminded that in...

Getting Under The Skin Of A Terrorist

The world turns sour every time an incident of terrorism is raised. The past month proved to be a particularly bitter one with the...

Hindi Songs And The Process Of Remix, Recycle And Reuse

Every decade in the Indian film industry has seen the rise and fall of certain musical trends. With actresses becoming singers, and old songs...
women drivers

“ Women Can’t Drive Bro”

If you are a woman and you drive and often feel the need to be an extra good driver on behalf of women everywhere,...
Reverse Westernization

The Rise Of Nazi Sentiments In America: Does It Affect Us?

A look at reverse westernization and how it could potentially bring peace This Just In With each passing day the news just seems to get more...
books v/s kindle

BOOKS Vs KINDLE: Is traditional reading on a downward spiral?

I love books and have grown up being surrounded by them. The feel, touch, smell of old and new books still intoxicate and comfort...

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Studying The Luxury Life

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