The Perks Of Being Single?

There are worse things than being alone. But it often takes decades to realize this. Most often when you do, it’s too late. And...
arranged marriages

The Evolution of Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage has evolved a lot over the years and in urban cities more people are choosing arranged marriage rather than being forced into...
relationship mistakes

Reaching the roots of the problem

Relationships aren’t really easy to maintain. One needs to understand the value of commitment and trust.. Many problems are likely to be created over...

Talk It Through

Why counsellors are a good idea to save a relationship Every relationship goes through phases. The first phase or the honeymoon phase is most often...

Valentine Quick Fix

Haven’t decided what to gift bae yet? If you’ve been dazed off and still don’t know, we have a quick-fix for you. Last-minute gifting...

Love, Lust, Internet, and the World within….

Khalil Gibran once had rightly said, “Life without love is like a garden where no flower blossoms”. Indeed, love is such an eternal feeling that...
Truly Madly dating apps

Top 5 dating apps to find Mr/Ms Right

No one ever said that dating is easy but the Internet has put every single person in your locality at your fingertips. Whether you...

Demise of Monogamy

Change is the only constant and in most cases, change is always good. But, is the change in the number of monogamous relationships really a...

Pregnancy Scares

Whether you’re married or not, pregnancy scares can be rather overwhelming for just about any woman. Heer Kothari gives an insightful exchange on pregnancy...

Eat. Sleep. Cheat. Repeat.

With cheating becoming the new normal in modern relationships, Palak Kapadia lists telltale signs to identify that your partner might be cheating on you...

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