Habit Formation

Psychological Research On Habit Formation

Forming habits may be difficult. We often mask our bad habits as personality traits or take them casually, but they could be expressions of...
saving tips

Savings tips for Indian youth – Where To Invest & Save Your Money

Don’t be a blind player and invest all your money in the stock market. There is an interesting concept in the stock market game...

The Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin – Why Did It Crash

Bitcoin has had a meteoric rise and fall in the year that went by. From a high of twenty thousand dollars to a low...
Michael Jackson

Does the Music Industry Promote Drug Use?

Every time you hear of a parent blaming music or television for their child’s behavior, you can almost sense the collective eye roll that’s...
Aranya Johar

Motivational Stories Of Young Change Leaders In India

Change leaders are everywhere, and finding them is not a difficult task. They are defying society’s norms and creating a name for themselves in...
quirky stationery

Affordable Places To Buy Quirky Stationery

In a world where technology has taken over people’s lives, a new breed of stationery addicts has emerged. For them, the craze for stationery...
Christmas Decorations

Bizarre Christmas Traditions around the World

Christmas brings with it a lot of joy and festive cheer, and some bizzare traditions as well! From a customary visit to KFC, to...
youth culture movements

Youth culture movements that are sweeping the nation (poetry, spoken word, entrepreneur-clubs, etc)

India is changing as a nation. With more acceptance of fringe concepts such as homosexuality, gap-year and mind-expansion, we’re moving away from the idea...
Jungle Jamboree

Weekends in Delhi – Things To Do & Places To Visit

The capital really does take weekends seriously. And you won’t find the standard music performances or dance parties on their weekend to-do list. If...
car wash

Keep Your Car Good As New: Cleaning Hacks

A new car is always a proud moment for everyone. The shiny look, the leathery smell, the glossy glasses and headlamps that makes your...

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Studying The Luxury Life

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