5 Extraordinary Gifting Options for a Coffee Lover

Starting the day without a cup of coffee is simply unthinkable for someone who goes gaga over even the smell of coffee. The fresh...
Diwali gift ideas

7 Diwali Gift Ideas That Don’t Involve Sweets & Chocolates

Diwali is finally here! In the mayhem of the festival preparation, one of the most important aspects is the spirit of gift-giving, and choosing...
5 ways to spend Diwali without fire crackers

5 ways to spend Diwali without fire crackers

When firecrackers were banned in the Capital, people had all kinds of reactions – some praised the government for their efforts to have a...
Shivaji Maharaj statue worth Rs 3600 crores

10 things that 3,600 crores could be spent on

Our international airport and most iconic train station are named after Chhatrapati Shivaji, but this doesn’t seem enough. As people, we tend to idolize...

Young Para Olympics Athlete Inspirations

When it comes to finding inspiration in life, we tend to look at big stars and celebrities who have accomplished something outside of their...

Weekend Volunteering – Places Where You Can Volunteer On The Weekends

Weekend volunteering is the new cultural shift that India is experiencing across all corners. With some of the most impactful shelters, homes, and NGOs...

10 Hidden Gems On Netflix

If you’re a Netflix viewer, you will know that feeling of mild pain when you finish watching a TV series and you suddenly find...

Busting Myths About Writers

There are quite a few myths that surround those who are forever inclined to pen down their thoughts and make a profession out of...
Mumbai Flooding

How to prepare for our yearly visitor: Torrential rainfall

At home in Mumbai and in many other parts of the country, monsoon season is a loved and feared time of the year, like...

Apps Every Student Should Have In Their Phone

In days like these, when even students seem to have choc-a-bloc schedules, they still manage to make time for their favourite social media apps....

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