Modern day factors that schools and colleges need to adopt to build a smart young generation, for the future of brighter India

Modern day factors that schools and colleges need to adopt

Our techniques may have changed a great deal, but the crux of schooling still orbits around the basic fundaments i.e Discipline, Sincerity and Dedication. Mathematically speaking, almost 200 days in a year for 12 years of the first 15 in their lives is spent with co students, teachers and colleagues, where parents’ direct involvement is zilch. So, there is a huge involvement of teachers in shaping the well being of a student’s life and his attitude towards endeavours.

As a Head of the primary section and a practicing teacher, I believe that what we appreciate the most is parental involvement, and what really disturbs the growth of the student is the over involvement of the same parents. As a patient we never advise the doctor to choose from various ways of curing a patient; we simply follow it because it’s a matter of life of death. Similarly, a teacher will never look at a student and its growth as a secondary or tertiary aspect as opposed to the education part.

The practices or factors that schools, primarily, and colleges should adopt according to my teaching acumen is, there is huge sort of divide that is created by the grading system, the growth of a student should be measured on educational, personal, inter personal, physical & Social grounds. A clear example are a few the heroes of our country who became what they are based on their interests that were not pertaining to education. We have seen the film MS Dhoni, where he leaves the examination hall 30 mins prior to catch a train to the cricket field. From an educator’s perspective it is incorrect, but had he not done that his practice or exposure to the game would have been some % lesser & his marks in the exams would have been a few % higher.

It’s very debatable but quite conclusive as well to let the teacher take the calls for the student. Every move she makes in her career that may be punishing them or awarding them only builds a great personality. I recently viewed the interview of the famous cricketer Virat Kohli and Aamir Khan, where Aamir Khan said “When I decided to pursue my career in cinema, I could not focus on both, so I had to quit going to college. I was criticised but I wanted people to know that I am not stopping my education I am just changing its direction”.

To sum it up I would just like to say that grading, pass – fail should be decided basis a lot of things as mentioned above other than just education, India needs bright characters not just meritorious marksheets.

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Zahara Gilani has recently completed the ECCE Pre-Primary Teacher Training Program at Vidya Nidhi Education Society, Mumbai and is the youngest teacher to become the Primary Section Head, at Arya Vidya Mandir School. She has also been awarded with the prestigious MP Sathe Prize by the Vice President of India (Mohammed Hamid Ansari) for her outstanding performance at the MA examination. She also bagged the citation by AKESI for outstanding performance in MA- Sociology.