Global Business School Rankings 2017


Published 1st March 2017

10 Institutes in this ranking

An exercise in ranking the best higher education institutes of the world is no mean task. Information gathering in itself is an exhaustive exercise, while number-crunching and analysing gives meaning to the massive raw data. The aim of the Youth Incorporated, Education Times and Rediff.com Global Business School Rankings 2017 through this sophisticated exercise is to identify and ascertain the universities in the world that are fulfilling their commitment to provide quality education.

Rank Institute Country
1 IIM Ahmedabad India
2 Indian School of Business India
3 IIM Calcutta India
4 National University Singapore Singapore
5 University of Toronto Canada
6 University of Hong Kong China
7 McGill University Canada
8 SP Jain Institute of Management India
9 Duke University USA
10 University of Virginia USA

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