Top 5 Ps4 Games To Buy In 2017


The Play Station is easily one of the most amazing sources of entertainment to have been created. As a piece of hardware, it’s one of the most sophisticated graphically inclined machine ever built. At the price point of under Rs. 27,000, it’s a great investment as PS always releases free games every month to play with your friends. Buying video games cost less than Rs. 3,000 and are usually fun for 100 hours+, along with months of online playing with your friends and family members. We have parties with PS4, we play alone and it comes to our rescue when we’re bored or feeling low. 2017 was a pretty good for video games. It gave us some great games that we loved playing, and some of them were pretty unique and fun-filled. While the top 10 list is usually filled with big budget AAA games, the top 5 is heatedly competitive.

While we’ve had some great games this year from Gravity Rush to Horizon Zero, there were some that really stepped up their game with player input, play-time and online gameplay implemented from conception.

Here’s the list of the top 5 games to buy (in no particular order) in 2017 that you can play by yourself and with friends online –

NBA 2k18

Arguably one of the best basketball games ever created, NBA 2k18 is a great game to buy when you’re in the mood to play in the online playground. You can pick up some VC points for cash and upgrade your player to a level 85 instantly. This game’s a bit on the expensive side right now, but totally worth it. The graphics, the story mode, the character details, story arcs and online gamemodes are some of the best we’ve seen all year. NBA 2k18 is a definite thumbs up and a must buy for any PS4 lover!


Most games are already calling it the best horror game made in 2017, and this one’s an excellent one to play alone in the dark. Playing this game by yourself is another experience altogether. You don’t need to know much about the prequels to this game, as this is a fresh experience and a must-play. The immersive graphics, the excellent game control modes, and the lightening and cinematic approach to the game are crazy. You’ll find that the family of the undead are not to be messed with until you have the right set of keys.

Call of Duty: WWII

It’s got the best-looking graphics and it’s been a highly anticipated game for a long time now. It’s one of those games where you can simultaneously play the multiplayer mode online. You have a diverse story-line, a near realistic ballistic and weapons mechanism system, and you have some long range maps that you can play on giving you an almost free-roam feeling. It’s definitely a great game to buy, and it’s a fan favorite especially if you’ve ever played a CoD game before.

Fifa 18

This one’s a long wait coming because finally they have a fully implemented ‘career’ mode, with some great graphics and decision-making power built into the system. You don’t have to get bored playing match after match, when your character is involved in a story that’s deep and intricate. You get real experience of playing in a soccer team, and many real life footie-stars actually play the game online so you might just end up bumping into them some time.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Remember the game Wolf 3D that you used to play as a kid? Well it’s gotten a whole lot better with Wolf II 2017. Focused on the Nazi propaganda and World War based agenda, this world images a universe where the Nazis won the second world war and decided to fully extend their authoritarian rule to all the lands. You as a soldier of the enemy, must penetrate the vaults of these Nazis and attack them where they’re weakest. This is a great game to play by yourself or with your friends, especially on a long weekend or on Sunday nights.