YouTube Go officially launched in India

YouTube Go

After Google announced a beta version of YouTube Go in Indian back in April, the app has been officially launched. The app is targeted at people who have low or absolutely no internet access.

YouTube Go was mainly introduced for developing countries, in places where fast internet speed is not always possible. Until now, only a beta version was available to India, but the app is now out of the beta version. The app lets you watch videos offline, download videos and save them. You can also share the videos with your friends via Bluetooth or WiFi Direct.

You can even avail of a preview of the video you’d like to download or watch. You can even choose how many MBs you want to use on your videos, and the quality of videos to be downloaded – from HD to standard

However, YouTube Go has several drawbacks. It lacks the feature where a user can double tap towards the right to fast forward and double tap towards the left to rewind, like in the original app. YouTube Go also lacks the subscription tab where users could view all the videos from the channels they have subscribed to.

Currently, the app is only available for Android users on Google’s PlayStore. Apple users will have to wait for the app to roll out on AppStore.